1. Maskerade
    Dieter Bihlmaier Selection

  2. Soundmusication
    Fitz Gore

  3. Soundnitia
    Fitz Gore & The Talismen

  4. Soundmagnificat
    Fitz Gore & The Talismen

  5. Take A Look Outside

  6. Born In The Night

  7. Babylon A.M.C.
    Helmuth Brandenburg

  8. The Cole Nobody Knows
    Freddy Cole

  9. Revisited
    Jazz Community

  10. Four Corners & Steps Ahead
    Second Direction

  11. Cool Europa - European Progressive Jazz in Germany 1959-63
    Various Artists

  12. Jazz Soundtracks
    Attila Zoller

  13. Trio Quartet Quintet
    Walter Strerath

  14. At Seiler`s Atlantis
    Elsie Bianchi Trio

  15. At Chateau Fleur De Lis
    Elsie Bianchi Trio

  16. Instrumental Impressions
    Joy Unlimited

  17. Let Yourself Go
    Jazz Rock Experience

  18. This Is ssSlick

  19. Explosive!
    Festival Big Band (Jerry van Rooyen)

  20. Emphasis

  21. The J.J. Band
    J.J. Band

  22. Glenda (Snake Dancer - Soundtrack)
    Zane Cronje & Charles Segal

  23. Uma Vitamina Faz Favor
    Pierre Cavalli

  24. Fearless Warriors
    Life Force

  25. ... und ...
    Mladen "Bobby" Gutesha

  26. Reaction
    Mario Rusca Trio

  27. Jazz For Dancing
    Gloria Steward & Manfred Burzlaff Quartet

  28. African Rhythms & Blues

  29. Metro`s Midnight Music (Dutch Radio Jazz 1970-75)
    Various Artists

  30. Connexion
    Third Eye

  31. Four Brothers
    Lucky Thompson & Barney Wilen

  32. Bop & Ballads
    Lucky Thompson

  33. The Last Call
    Jazz Quintet 60

  34. Stop Time!
    Rolf Kühn

  35. Meet Horst Jankowski
    Rolf Kühn & Wolfgang Schlüter

  36. Samba-Soul-Beat in Black & White
    Daniela und Ann

  37. Amor En Bossa Nova
    Reginaldo Bessa

  38. Tema do Boneco de palha
    Véra Brasil

  39. Round Trip To Rio
    Orchestra Pete Jacques

  40. Berlin Calling
    Helmut Brandt Combo

  41. Spree Coast Jazz
    Helmut Brandt Orchestra

  42. Berlin Jazz Soundtracks
    Manfred Burzlaff

  43. Busting The Bongos
    Toby Fichelscher

  44. Don`t Blame Me
    Inge Brandenburg

  45. Now`s The Time Vol. 2
    Various Artists

  46. At The Cafe Africana
    The Remo Rau Quartet

  47. Turbomusic
    Angel Pocho Gatti

  48. Jazz At Auditorium
    Friedrich Gulda Orchestra

  49. We Get The Message
    Oscar Pettiford Quartet

  50. Blues In My Mind
    Oscar Pettiford & Friends

  51. Tender Meditation
    Greetje Kauffeld

  52. Young Girl Sunday Jazz
    Greetje Kauffeld

  53. Heaven`s Open
    Greetje Kauffeld

  54. Big Deal! Weinberger Funk Library UK
    Various Artists

  55. Jazz Mutations
    Werner Müller Orchestra

  56. Feuilleton In Jazz
    Werner Müller Orchestra

  57. Dusty Vibes
    Hans Kennel & Bruno Spoerri

  58. Live In Europe 1961
    Brew Moore

  59. Adeus - The Berlin Concert
    Susannah McCorkle

  60. Mainhattan Modern
    Albert Mangelsdorff

  61. 1961
    The European All Stars

  62. Brazil`71
    Honey Drippers & The Pegalo Singers

  63. Minor Meetings 1958
    Hans Koller

  64. Big Sound Koller
    Hans Koller & Friends

  65. Goes To Santander
    Red Bahnik Trio

  66. The Liquid Moves Of Lars Gullin
    Lars Gullin

  67. Sweet und Swing
    Wolfgang Sauer


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Sonorama Records is an independent and worldwide distributed label for rare jazz, funk, soul, library and world music, established 2004 in Germany. It is all about music archaeology, an infinite search for soulful sounds, about tracing unrestricted musical diversity and the love for good music in general ... more

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